Plastisol Ink

 Plastisol ink is the most commonly used type of ink in screen printing. It is a thick, PVC-based ink that does not air-dry and requires heat curing to set the ink on the substrate. Plastisol inks are known for their opacity, vibrant colors, and durability, making them suitable for printing on a wide range of substrates, including fabric, paper, plastic, and more.




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Foil Ink

Foil ink is a type of screen printing ink that is used in combination with metallic or holographic foil to create a reflective, shiny finish. The foil is applied to the printed surface using heat and pressure, resulting in a dazzling, reflective effect. Foil ink is commonly used for printing on fabrics, paper, and other materials to create high-quality, attention-grabbing designs..



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Puff Ink

Puff ink is a type of screen printing ink that expands when heated, creating a raised, three-dimensional effect on the printed surface. It is commonly used to add texture and depth to designs, and it can create a unique and tactile finish. Puff ink is typically used on fabrics and is popular for creating a vintage or retro look



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Water-Based Ink

Water-based ink is a type of screen printing ink that uses water as the main solvent instead of plasticizers. It is more environmentally friendly compared to plastisol ink as it does not contain harmful chemicals. Water-based ink is known for its soft hand feel, as it absorbs into the fabric rather than sitting on top of it. It is commonly used for printing on light-colored fabrics and is ideal for creating a vintage or distressed look.


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