How Graphic Design and Branding Boosts Small Business Sale

Graphic design and visual branding influences sales and overall business success. As consumers, we experience aesthetics in every aspect of our lives. Graphic design hides in everything from billboards to storefronts, social media content, websites, packaging, and more.

And as a growing business, cleverly using graphics to your advantage is critical to stick out from the rest and draw the eyes of curious customers. So, keep reading to learn how graphic design and consistent branding can earn more revenue for your small business.

Builds an Identity  

Using graphic design helps create a brand identity for your business. This includes the logo, web design elements, social media templates, and any other graphics that are used from packaging to invoicing and beyond.

It is a way to give your customers a visual representation of your company. Additionally, the types of graphics and design styles you choose for your small business directly correlate to your brand’s personality. It shows- instead of tells- people what you are all about.

It is also critical for grabbing the attention of your ideal buyer. This is particularly true for niche lifestyle-based companies that want to appeal to specific personality traits, morals, values, and purchasing preferences.

Elicits a Mood

Did you know that colors are scientifically proven to affect our mood? This is the power of color psychology, so your next design should be about more than aesthetics.

Graphic design is creative, uplifting, and offers a chance to ignite a specific mood within the viewer, depending on the colors used. From social media posts to web design, the colors used can have a heavy sway over consumer behavior- including sales.

Colors also matter for brand recognition. Using a set color scheme or signature color will increase your brand recognition by 80%. That’s one reason why being consistent with your branding is so important for driving long-term sales. We can all identify the color associated with iconic, consistent, well-branded companies like Coca-Cola or McDonalds. So, needless to say, it’s quite important to choose color combinations wisely.

Creates Community

There is a strong sense of community within the graphic design and related art fields. However, using graphic design can also create a community surrounding your own business. Think of a small brand you really love and admire.

You believe their mission, branding, visual style, and overall aesthetic are stellar. Now, think about the other people who also support and love the same brand. Do you feel like you can relate or connect to those individuals? The answer is likely yes.

If you use branding to create that same sense of community for your own business, you'll gain a loyal following. And where there is a loyal following, there are sales.


Understanding how graphic design drives sales means understanding branding, marketing, and consumer psychology. Learning about all-of-the-above is crucial if you want to take your small business to new heights. Design truly helps you cultivate a brand that the right people will gravitate toward and continue to support for years to come.


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